Serromah Shipping B.V.

Based on a relationship forged with the family-owned Japanese company Daitoh Trading Co. Ltd. in 1992, Serromah Shipping was born into the world of commercial management of chemical parcel tankers. Through this partnership and the frequent addition of newbuildings, our company has grown both in stature and in fleetsize to become the successful and respected brand we are today.

From meager beginnings, Serromah Shipping today holds contracts of affreightment with various major oil and chemical companies around the globe and operates in trade lanes in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and the Far East. We continue to strive towards excellence in the waterborne transport of chemicals by combining many years of commercial, operational and technical expertise into one driving force.

Technical Management
New Shipping Kaisha Ltd.
Norstar Ship Management Pte. Ltd.


‘Your product, our passion’

Meet the team


Johan van der Walt

Director / Chartering

Direct line: +31-10-2891612


Ad Backelandt


Direct line: +31-10-2891618


Leo Schipper


Direct line: +31-10-2891611


Edwin Jansen

Operations manager

Direct line: +31-10-2891615


Lennert Troost

Operations / Agency manager

Direct line: +31-10-2891622


Andrea Jansen

Financial administration

Direct line: +31-10-2891620


Monique Kornet

Secretarial desk

Direct line: +31-10-2891616


Kirsten Weber

Secretarial desk

Direct line: +31-10-2891616

Our History

Serromah Shipping was established in June 1992, by Capt. Sean O’Mahony and Koos Serraarens. For a short stroll down memory lane, please follow the picture link.